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nsurance has the reputation of being complicated and overwhelming. People have bad experiences of being ripped off and not have the cover they thought they had. At simple insurance, we strive to give you as much information as we can find. We are not financial professionals and do not offer any advice whatsoever, and none of our articles, content, reviews, or any information on this website should be read/ viewed as such.

What we can and strive to do is to make your life easier by giving you the information and getting you in contact with registered brokers who can assist you in finding the best insurance to suit your needs and budget. If you make better decisions, if you make informed decisions, you will be in more control over your financial life. 2021 is the year for you to take control! Choose the broker you want! Find the product that suits you. Don’t settle!

So, whether it’s car insurance, home insurance, laptop insurance or something else, we hope you can find some information about it on our website. Remember to always speak to a financial professional before making a financial decision.

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