Best Car Insurance Company In South Africa 

If you’ve recently bought a car or you want to switch car insurance providers, then we have just the thing for you. Below we have narrowed down the best and most hassle-free car insurance companies in South Africa. You’re bound to find the perfect car insurance for your needs in this list. Take a look! 

King Price  

King Price is quickly turning into the leader in all types of insurance, and they’re doing well with their car cover.  

King Price car insurance benefits include:  

  • Lower premiums: Car insurance decreases every month! 
  • Easy and quick claims: If you’re involved in an accident, call the emergency assistance number ASAP for emergency help and a tow car. You get immediate help. 
  • Emergency assist: Emergency help is available 24/7 365, whether technical, medical, or domestic. 
  • The King’s Cab: A ride home for those who have a comprehensive cover so that they do not drink and drive. Your car also gets dropped off at your home. 


AA offers each of the three main types of car insurance in South Africa (comprehensive cover, third-party theft and fire, and third-party only). Including a rundown of value-added products that you can add to your car insurance package. Their premiums are cost-effective, and they cater explicitly for seniors above 60 years old with packages made just for them.  

AA vehicle protection benefits include:  

  • Up to 50% off on excessive installments  
  • If you make use of an AA Quality Assured repairer, no excess is payable  
  • Unlimited call-outs each year  
  • In the event of an accident, you get round trip towing and overnight accommodation as well as car hire  
  • Comprehensive help services 
  • Roadside rescue and security 
  • Emergency medical rescue in the event of an accident 

Other products include:  

  • Fine Payment Assist  
  • Assistance with pothole damage 
  • Stand By You: someone to guard you while you wait for roadside assistance 
  • Assistance with accident claims 
  • Assistance with license renewal 


Momentum also has three types of car insurance, including additional discretionary items that can be added to broaden your cover. They offer no hidden expenses and guaranteed premiums for a year, regardless of whether you claim or not. For people who travel outside the country with their cars, they can get Momentum Explorer as well.  

Momentum car insurance benefits:  

  • You get premiums that are dependent on your individual needs. You get to pick the degree of cover for your car:  
  1. Fully comprehensive car insurance cover 
  1. Third-party fire and theft cover (limited cover)  
  1. Third-party only car insurance (limited cover) 
  • Drivers regularly work, so there’s no need to nominate drivers. 
  • Cars are insured at their retail value, with the choice of insuring at the market value. 
  • You get free 24-hour emergency assistance and roadside assistance. 
  • A more straightforward, quicker approach to submit claims using their mobile app 
  • You can earn a cashback reward of up to 30% yearly on your car (and home) insurance premiums when SafeDayz™ is activated, and you complete the Safety Score.  


Discovery has a more extensive assortment of insurance types to browse and choose from. They additionally offer a scope of significant value-added products. They offer every one of the three types of car insurance, with their comprehensive car insurance being separated into various plans.  

Discovery’s comprehensive plans:  

  • Dynamic  
  • Essential 
  • Classic 
  • Executive  

Discovery car insurance benefits:  

  • Prompt assistance in emergencies, you get quick crisis help if they detect any severe impact on your car, regardless of whether they can’t get hold of you.  
  • The ability to find your cars, find your vehicles on your cell phone in real-time 
  • You get a panic button on your cell phone so that you can get quick emergency help with your cell phone app.  
  • Warns you about bad weather so you can avoid those areas, you get alerts of fast approaching terrible weather. 
  • You get hassle-free parking. With EasyPark, you get immediate, hassle-free entry and exit at various shopping centers, including early theft detection.  

With Discovery car insurance, you also get other perks, such as being rewarded for good driving if you join VitalityDrive. You can also pay lower premiums if you drive multiple cars. These are just a few of the optional car insurance perks that you get with Discovery.