Public Liability Insurance in South Africa

We all commit errors now and then. We are human after all. Some of the time these mix-ups or mishaps can prompt damage or loss to property and injury to individuals. In this occurrence, you can be lawfully obligated to pay for harms identifying with an episode that happened on your premises or in your business activities.

Yet, how would you be able to respond in the event that you stall out with huge bills to pay because of an unexpected and regularly inescapable harms? This can be a mind-boggling position to be in and this is the reason we recommend anticipating the unanticipated with Public Liability Insurance.

What is Public Liability Insurance?

Public liability insurance covers damages that you are liable to pay relating to an incidence that occurred at your premises or about your business. It can also cover any liability occurring from a member, director, partner, principal or employee who is representing your business. This does depend on the extent of your cover and can vary from cover to cover.

Some of the claims that are covered (Can vary from cover to cover):

  • Someone comes to and has entered a business premises, slipped and fell due to a wet floor with no warnings, on broken tiles, or on a step or stair that was not clearly marked.
  • Someone fell when a railing gave way.
  • Faulty workmanship was carried out on a plaintiff’s vehicle, or during the installation of a carpet, geyser, blinds, etc.
  • Injury caused by an Animal. This can be collision, biting, scratching or any other damages caused by or due to an animal.
  • Fire: Can cause damage to land, crops, veld and livestock and can spread across vast spaces.
  • Product liability and faulty workmanship – fixes to items can lead to significant damage as a result of such work which a plaintiff may want compensation for this. 
  • The manufacture of goods which are defective may also lead to significant harm as a result. 

Do I need Public Liability Insurance Cover?

Each individual is extraordinary. Everybody’s necessities are exceptional. In this manner, we can’t offer a sweeping yes or no response to these inquiries. There are numerous variables that figure out which and what sort of insurance cover you need. We prescribe addressing an expert insurance specialist who can help you in tracking down the best cover for you.

None of us know what is around the next corner and ensuring you are adequately insured is part of preparing for the unforeseen and for the future. We know that insurance can seem confusing and overwhelming, but with a broker it can be easier.

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