Iwyze car insurance Review

Car insurance in South Africa can be a befuddling business. With so numerous TV promotions giving tributes and stories that don’t give you significantly more data about how it functions or what is covered. Which organizations would it be advisable for you to take a gander at? What does car insurance cover? What sorts of car insurance do you get?

Iwyze car insurance is a unique offering that is cover many vehicles driving on the South African roads. The company has a great history of making sure their clients are covered for all their car insurance needs in South Africa. They are one of the best providers of car insurance in South Africa.

What cover options are there?

Iwyze offers multiple car insurance covers to suit your needs. These do differ from insurer to insurer. It is also important to take note of what type of insurance is required if you are financing the vehicle.

Here are a few basic covers that are common in the insurance space:

  1. Third Party Cover – This cover covers the third party (i.e. other cars) in the event of an accident. Depending on your cover this can include damage to buildings and people as well. This is a very important insurance to keep as it can help you stay out of trouble if you mistakenly bump a Ferrari! Some insurers do put a limit on third party cover, and this is something you should discuss with your Financial Advisor or Insurance Broker.
  2. Collision, Fire & Damage Cover – This is the cover for your own vehicle in the event of damage or a collision. This amount will cover the repairs of your vehicle or as stipulated in your insurance contract. It is important to note road and driver restrictions as this can play a major role in the price of your cover.
  3. Good In Transit – This is one people don’t often know about. This is the cover for your stuff in your car such as your sell phone, laptop, or sports equipment being carried. This is an extra often found in car insurances. It is important to note what type of items are covered at some insurers do not cover electronics for example.
  4. Theft Cover – this is as it says. If someone steals your car, they will help you recover it and/or pay you out. This is dependent on your cover.
  5. Personal Liability – this cover is for yourself and others in the car. This will cover you and/or them in the event of injury, disability or death.

A lot of these cover options are bundled into one contract or product such as Comprehensive car insurance or Theft, Fire & Third-Party Cover. However, it is important to read through your contract and understand what is and is not included in the cover.

This was just a basic overview of the covers Car insurances in South Africa offer. However, this can differ from insurer to insurer. If you have questions, speak to your broker or advisor.

What is an excess?

An insurance excess is the sum you should pay in case of a case. This regularly shifts relying upon the sort of guarantee. For instance, a windscreen guarantee frequently has a lower excess than an accident guarantee.

This sum can be higher or lower contingent upon your age, long stretches of driving and additionally the territory in which you were driving in.

The excess can offer be brought down or raised relying upon the amount you are paying in premium consistently. This relies upon which supplier and cover choice you have chosen.

Some other benefits of Iwyze car insurance

Having Iwyze car insurance provides you with some great benefits that can help make your journey better. Car insurance covers you in the event of many different situations. And though this may vary from cover to cover, there are some benefits seen throughout:

  • They help with fights in court

In the event that you are in a mishap brought about by another person, it tends to be a protracted cycle to get your cash back. Fortunately, in the event that you have the right insurance cover, you could hand this work over to your guarantor. The back up plans lawful group will at that point dominate and take on the conflicts expected to recover the cash. Its like having a legitimate group on retainer. This will rely upon the kind of mishap and the cover you have.

  • Enormous Network of Repair Shops

At the point when your car gets harmed and needs to sort out, it tends to be confounding on where to go. The safety net providers know this and have a rundown of endorsed providers. They will actually want to guide you to an expert who can assist you with sorting your car out and help with getting you back out and about as quick as could be expected.

  • Individual Accident Cover

Some car insurance covers in South Africa will likewise cover you in case of a mishap. This implies you will be covered for wounds, inability and even demise sometimes up to a recommended sum expressed in your strategy. Check your approach or address your representative to check whether your cover incorporates this.

Where can I get or compare Car Insurance in South Africa?

To get car insurance like Iwyze car insurance, the most effective route is to utilize an enlisted and authorized insurance intermediary. These agents can assist you with picking the best cover to suit your necessities while keeping inside your spending plan. Intermediaries procure through commissions and it won’t set you back additional to get an intermediary.

Insurance Brokers in South Africa Study and compose tests to be authorized to sell you insurance items. Exploit their ability and let them help you contrast choices with discover you the correct cover.

3 Reasons to have an Insurance Broker:

If you are not yet convinced, here are three more reasons to consider getting an insurance broker in South Africa.

They can help you get the right Insurance Cover

Let’s be frank, insurance can seem very complicated and confusing for most. That is why a professional who has studied and gained valuable work under supervision can be an invaluable asset to you.

Your broker can work with you to work out your needs and wants. They can then assist you in getting the best cover for you at the right price.

Fewer Hassles

Taking an insurance can be a hassle. Talking to multiple companies and trying to find the right cover can be tiring. Insurance brokers supply insurance through all of the big insurance companies including Discovery, Bryte, Hollard, Santam, Old Mutual and more. They do the work of comparing the covers and finding the best cover for you.

What is crazy is they don’t even charge you. The brokers are paid a percentage commission by the insurance companies. This means you get the best service at no extra cost!

They can help you look ahead

We hate thinking or considering the worst-case scenarios, but it is a vital part of planning ahead. Whether its car insurance, household insurance, building insurance or even business insurance. There maybe an area that you are exposed and not covered. A broker can help you identify those areas and suggest possible insurance covers.


Why is my car insurance so high?

Car insurance in South Africa is affected by many factors including your age, driving history, accidents, claims and car type. Speak to a broker to have your insurance accessed.

Can I Insure someone else’s car?

No. You can only insure a car you have an insurable interest in, i.e. a car you own.

Where can I find car insurance in South Africa?

Look at reviews of all the top car insurance companies on Simple Insurance.

How much does car insurance cost in South Africa?

Car insurance premiums vary depending on many factors. Some studies say that car insurance costs around R800 per month on average. However, this does vary largely on what car you drive, your age, risk factors and claim history.

What is comprehensive car insurance?

Comprehensive Car Insurance insures you for accidents/ damages to your car and damage caused to other cars/ parties and their property. This insurance policy also covers your vehicle from fire, theft, hijacking and natural disasters.

What is third party car insurance?

Third-Party only car insurance covers harm and damage caused to these parties in accidents. So, your car will not be insured if any damage comes to it due to hijacking, theft, or even natural disasters.

Should you get Iwyze car insurance?
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Should you get Iwyze car insurance?
Iwyze car insurance is a unique offering that is cover many vehicles driving on the South African roads. The company has a great history of making sure their clients are covered for all their car insurance needs in South Africa. They are one of the best providers of car insurance in South Africa.
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