The Top Insurance Brokers in Cape Town

Cape Town is a big city with many users driving cars and owning houses. Cape Town is known for its beauty with many of its residents taking part in outdoor sports such as cycling, mountain biking, trail running, park runs, hiking, abseiling and more. This makes Cape Town one of the preferred places to live, not only in South Africa, but in the world.

But with all these activities and sports going on, people will need equipment. Be it Mountain Bikes, Running Shoes or hiking equipment. Some of these items can be very expensive and the users should look at insuring them to ensure they are covered. But where do you look for insurance? Who is the top insurance brokers in Cape Town?

Who is the Top Insurance Broker in Cape Town?

The problem with this question is there is no correct answer. A broker will work with you closely to ensure that you get the cover you need. This means you will want a broker who you can trust and get on with, and this will differ from person to person.

One way to rank a broker is to look at what Insurance companies they work with. If they are working with top insurers like Hollard, Discovery, Santam and Old Mutual. The insurers have very high standards and require all brokers to undergo assessments and training.

EU Brokers

EU Brokers has over 21 years of experience helping you find the right insurance cover to suit your needs and budget. Our brokers have gone through extensive regulatory training to become the professionals that they are.

EU Brokers has satellite offices around South Africa and are equipped to assist you anywhere in South Africa. They work with all the top insurers including Hollard, Discovery, Santam and Old Mutual. You can rest assured knowing that our brokers have gone through all the necessary training to ensure they are fit and able to assist you.

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