Understanding Car Insurance in South Africa

Car Insurance in South Africa is a widely spoken about subject. Legally you don’t need car insurance, but with so many accidents occurring on our roads each day; it would be careless not to. (Post From EU Brokers)

The latest stats reveal that over 15,000 people dying on our roads each year and many more being injured or having their vehicles damaged each year. This means that having insurance cover for your vehicles is vital. If your car gets damaged, it could lessen or even destroy your income.

Where can I find out about car insurance in South Africa?

Finding out about car insurance is a crucial part of personal finance. One of the top personal finance blogs in South Africa is Once A Week Blog. The blog helps users figure out their finances by asking the right questions. While the blog may not offer any advice, it does offer a lot of learning opportunities.

Another place to gain valuable insight and information is with an insurance broker like EU Brokers. A broker has studied this information and works with the insurance companies to provide you with the best car insurance for you. A broker like EU Brokers are well known for their service and expertise.

EU Brokers also has an active blog that can inform users on the types and uses of insurance. This blog is for information purposes only. Once you are ready to get insurance you can speak to a qualified broker.

car insurnace in South Africa

Where can you get Car Insurance in South Africa?

One of the best places to get car insurance and compare car insurance quotes is with a broker. An insurance broker has access to and is in contact with various different car insurance providers. They can help you with many of your questions and find the best product for you,

EU Brokers is a top broker with over 21 years of experience. They consistently help their clients find the right insurance cover for their needs.

3 Reasons to have an Insurance Broker:

If you are not yet convinced, here are three more reasons to consider getting an insurance broker in South Africa.

They can help you get the right Insurance Cover

Let’s be frank, insurance can seem very complicated and confusing for most. That is why a professional who has studied and gained valuable work under supervision can be an invaluable asset to you.

Your broker can work with you to work out your needs and wants. They can then assist you in getting the best cover for you at the right price.

Fewer Hassles

Taking out insurance can be a hassle. Talking to multiple companies and trying to find the right cover can be tiring. Insurance brokers like EU Brokers supply insurance through all of the big insurance companies including Discovery, Bryte, Hollard, Santam, Old Mutual and more. They do the work of comparing the covers and finding the best cover for you.

And what is crazy is they don’t even charge you. The brokers are paid a percentage commission by the insurance companies. This means you get the best service at no extra cost!

They can help you look ahead

We hate thinking or considering the worst-case scenarios, but it is a vital part of planning ahead. Whether its car insurance, household insurance, building insurance or even business insurance. There maybe an area that you are exposed and not covered. A broker can help you identify those areas and suggest possible insurance covers.

While you may not legally need car insurance in South Africa, it certainly can help you in the worst of situations.


Why is my car insurance so high?

Car insurance in South Africa is affected by many factors including your age, driving history, accidents, claims and car type. Speak to a broker to have your insurance accessed.

Can I Insure someone else’s car?

No. You can only insure a car you have an insurable interest in, i.e. a car you own.

Where can I find car insurance in South Africa?

Look at reviews of all the top car insurance companies on Simple Insurance.

How much does car insurance cost in South Africa?

Car insurance premiums vary depending on many factors. Some studies say that car insurance costs around R800 per month on average. However, this does vary largely on what car you drive, your age, risk factors and claim history.

What is comprehensive car insurance?

Comprehensive Car Insurance insures you for accidents/ damages to your car and damage caused to other cars/ parties and their property. This insurance policy also covers your vehicle from fire, theft, hijacking and natural disasters.

What is third party car insurance?

Third-Party only car insurance covers harm and damage caused to these parties in accidents. So, your car will not be insured if any damage comes to it due to hijacking, theft, or even natural disasters.

Understanding Car Insurance in South Africa
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Understanding Car Insurance in South Africa
Car Insurance in South Africa is a widely spoken about subject. Legally you don’t need car insurance, but with so many accidents occurring on our roads each day; it would be careless not to.
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