What car insurance companies do you get in South Africa?

Car insurance in South Africa is there to give you financial protection against liabilities that arise from accidents involving your vehicle, including damage caused by traffic collisions. Although car insurances in South Africa insure your vehicle rather than the driver, you can get an extended cover encompassing you as a driver and others driving your vehicle at higher premium rates.

We have compared three South African car insurance suppliers: Discovery, Santam, and iWyze, to help you make a well-informed decision when choosing car insurance. Take a look!

Discovery Insure Car Insurance

Discovery Insure is a household name in South Africa due to its stellar reputation in the insurance industry. The same goes for their car insurance. Discovery car insurance offers impressive market-leading safety and service features at affordable and competitive rates.

Discovery Insure has three plans available:

  • Essential Plan: comprehensive cover and no excess if an insured third party causes an accident.
  • Classic Plan: an upgrade of the Essential plan with enhanced benefits, including no excess for weather-related and theft-related claims.
  • Purple Plan:  is in a league of its own with exclusive experiences, including a Discovery Insure Service Executive committed to your unique needs.

With each of these plans, you can join  Vitality Drive, a driver behavior program that rewards your good driving habits!

Santam Car Insurance

Santam is the most significant short-term insurer in South Africa. It offers unique “pay-less” opportunities such as providing 20% off on car insurance premiums if you drive less than 15 000 km a year.

Santam car insurance offers three plans:

  • Comprehensive Cover: accidental damage/loss to your vehicle and amounts for which you’re liable to a third party (liability relating to the vehicle).
  • Limited (theft, fire, and hijacking) Cover: accidental damage/loss to your vehicle, if the cause is fire, lightning, theft/hijacking (including attempted), an explosion, and amounts for which you’re liable to a third party (liability relating to the vehicle).
  • Third-Party Only Cover: amounts for which you’re legally responsible for paying a third party only if the liability applies to the vehicle

These three plans from Santam car insurance cover any car, motorcycle, light delivery vehicle, and caravan or trailer.

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iWyze Car Insurance

iWyze car insurance is a loved car insurance company in South Africa underwritten by Old Mutual, making it a trustworthy insurance option for your vehicle’s needs! Not only does iWyze cover your vehicle, but it also allows you to have cover for emergency medical expenses that your passengers may incur in your vehicle due to accidents.

iWyze provides three cover options.

  • Third-party, Fire, and Theft Cover: loss/damage from fire, explosion or lightning, theft/hijacking, and liability to third parties.
  • Third-Party Cover: only liability to third parties.
  • Comprehensive cover: Theft/hijacking, loss/damage to your vehicle, natural disasters, accidents, and liability to third parties

In addition, if you and one passenger are in an accident and require emergency accommodation for up to two days, iWyze will cover it!

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